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Reiy's Laptop

FOSA 1100

Linux on the FOSA 1100

[Picture of laptop]

These pages document how I got Linux running on the FOSA 1100. For more general Linux on laptop information, check out the Linux on Laptops homepage.

  • Installation - Summary of my Red Hat 6.2 installation.

  • Post-Install - Some other miscellaneous stuff you can do to your system. I wouldn't call these tweaks because they are so brain-dead. More like other essential stuff that cannot be classified under installation.

  • Screenshots - The pretty screens Windozz people can only dream of in between their daily encounters with the Blue Screen of Death(tm).

  • Specs - Details about my laptop that no one would be interested in, but included anyway because I keep losing the original sheet.

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Page last modified: 26 August 2000
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